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NAG Farms, owned by Nathan and Glenda Cunningham, is located in Western Kentucky.  Our livestock are raised on green pasture with the best care.  The farm consists of Lowline cattle, bearded Silkie chickens, buff laced Polish bantams, and a few other farm animals.  We have purebred and percentage Lowline cattle for sale.  We raise Silkies and Polish bantams for our own enjoyment and exhibition purposes but will occasionally have stock for sale.  Our current Silkie varieties are white, black, blue, splash, partridge, and buff.  We have recently started focusing on the black variety in Silkies.  Our chickens are lovingly raised and our flock is NPIP certified and AI tested.  We are also the Kentucky state representative for the American Silkie Bantam Club.  Hope to see you at the shows!  We work hard to keep top quality bloodlines on our farm.  Enjoy your visit on our site and feel free to email with any questions.  We appreciate your interest and have a great day!

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